What is Justice

Published 2:38 pm Friday, July 15, 2016

By Joe Joe Wright


I hate bullies and Roger Goodell is a bully. A smart bully but a bully just the same. In 2015 he made 10 million more dollars than the highest paid player in the NFL. The brilliant lawyers for the NFL players union in the last collective bargaining agreement left the Commissioner with unprecedented powers to pretty much do as he wishes with players. He was able to do this because the players wanted shares i.e. MONEY from proceeds. A perfect example of greed costing them. Now he can fine players and really go unchecked on it. Take Tom Brady a four game suspension may not sound like a big deal but if Tom makes 16 million this year, well that’s 4 million dollars. Therefore a lot of money can be returned to teams and to the NFL coffers. So he out smarted them all. Tom Brady is more or less self-funding his battle against Goodell and is now trying to get in front of the US Supreme Court. Can you imagine that? Goodell insists that Brady knew that the footballs in their ball game were at 11.5lbs of pressure per square inch. According to NFL rules the balls must be between 12.5 and 13.5 lbs. Of course the balls are inflated in doors at room temperature and tested. The science of this scenario says that the air pressure inside the ball will drop 20 percent for every 10 degrees in temperature drop. The fact that it was raining and wet adds another 13 percent drop to air pressure inside the ball. From this our deductive reasoning tells us that Roger Goodell is a scam artist. Easily with a game time temperature of 49 degrees that soon dropped to 39 degrees a pound of air pressure was lost. This is not Tom Brady’s fault.

However, this is not a criminal case where Goodell is required to prove beyond a reasonable doubt. Instead all he has to do is show by preponderance of the evidence that Brady may have known. Wow! Brady is adamant of his innocence and I for one believe him. Now let’s see how the good Commissioner handles the state of Georgias own Isaiah Crowell. The running back for the Cleveland Browns who recently posted a picture of a police officer getting his throat slit by a member of ISIS. He immediately apologized for an IGNORANT mistake and now wants to donate a game check to fallen police officers. Personally those 37,000 dollars he can keep it. When you advocate the murder of police officers, well I’m through with you. Boot him back to his hometown of Columbus and let him dwell on his punishment for the next 60 years. If that sounds harsh, it isn’t in my book. His offense is worse to me than Adrian Petersons by along ways but I bet ole gutless Goodell does nothing. As always I welcome your comments.joe joe 2