College Football Top 25 Pickem Contest

Published 8:42 am Monday, July 25, 2016

By Joe Joe Wright

As Miss Coach and I are looking through the college football ranks trying to determine the new national champions. It occurred to me wait and see who wins the college playoff but where would the fun in that be. So I ask Miss Coach to look in the crystal ball and tell me the winners. I also want all of Dispatch land to send in the their predictions as well and I will keep them till the end of the season. The person who finishes closes to the final college football playoff poll will win  $50.00. All entry forms must be turned in by 5pm September 1st. At the Dispatch office. Points scoring is simple, your pick must be exact. All correct picks are worth 10 points, all incorrect picks are worth zero. Example : if you pick Georgia to finish 8th and they finish 6th you get ZERO points.. To get points you must put the school exactly on their order of finish. A perfect sheet would have 250 points. Good luck with that! Miss Coach likes the following.









Boise St

Ohio Stmiss coach