Learning “Life Lessons”

Published 8:42 am Monday, July 25, 2016

By Joe Joe Wright

On Tuesday July 19th I got to experience something a little different from the norm in sports. Life lessons the brainchild of Coach Shelton Felton is designed to teach our kids about life experiences.

“There is more to life than football and all of you ain’t playing football in college,” said Coach Felton. “This class is just one of many things you can learn that will help you in the real world.” Numerous adult volunteers gave approximately a three-minute talk to the boys about an array of topics that will impact their lives moving forward. Everything from making friends, shaking hands and looking folks in the eyes to learning the art of tying a tie. The volunteers broke up into groups with about 5 or 6 players each and demonstrated how to tie a tie.

The coaching staff would like to thank the adult volunteers for their informative talks to the boys. The volunteers were Dwayne Clark, Frederick Bryant, Alex West, Calvin Haugabrook,Quinlan King, Darnell Harvey, Larry Felton, Dravian McGill, Kenneth Nance and Bennie Colson.kids 3 kids 2 kids