Wright or Wrong Picks

Published 2:58 pm Tuesday, September 6, 2016

By Joe Joe Wright

After going 3-2 the first week Miss Coach bounced back in the High school ranks going 4-1 this past weekend and 10 and 5 in college which brings here overall record to 17-8 (.680). Given the really huge upsets that marked the weekend I think for a puppy she did great. I mean almost no one picked LSU or Oklahoma to lose. This week Miss Coach has a lot less high school with Dooly and Crisp both off so here is how she sees it.

Wilcox County jumps on the winner board with an upset win in Cochran and Crisp Academy bounces back to win at home and Fullington wraps up another victory. At the collegiate level. Louisville, Oklahoma State, Michigan, Houston Georgia all get the W. You can look for Texas AM, Florida State, Clemson, Ga Tech, Ohio State and Notre Dame all gather up another win as well. Miss coach also likes Oregon over Virginia, Tennessee over Virginia Tech, North Carolina to visit and destroy Illinois, LSU will bounce back against Jacksonville State and Auburn will get their first win over Arkansas State. The two biggest games she can see this weekend involve the SEC with Arkansas visiting the mighty TCU and South Carolina tackling Mississippi State. Arkansas almost got beat at home by Louisiana Tech which indicates they are weak as well water so look for TCU to score a lot of points and win. The Gamecocks came back and escaped from Vanderbilt with a win and Mississippi State got beat at home against South Alabama no way Coach Dan Mullen let’s his boys get down again, Bulldogs win. Oh and I might add that Miss Coach successfully predicted the come from behind win against Ole Miss on Monday. I can see her getting sure enough proficient by the time she turns one year old.miss coach