Wright or Wrong Picks

Published 8:41 am Wednesday, September 21, 2016

By Joe Joe Wright

Wow!!! Ms. Coach says she doesn’t know whether to scratch her head or chase her tail after these last weeks’ games. Louisville 63 to 20 over FSU REALLY!!! She pick the upset but no one could know it would be that bad. After going 15- 5 on the week in high school and college combined, Ms. Coach stands at 50 and 20 on the year combined or (.714).

This week promises to be even more difficult for the seven-pound female fuzz ball to predict but she gazed deep into the crystal ball and here is what she saw. Wilcox will have their hands full with a very good Clinch team visiting, the Pats will make it interesting for a while but Clinch will get the nod. Schley County will be traveling to the “Grove” in Vienna; the best guess is they going wish they stayed in Ellaville, Bobcats Win!!! Crisp Academy travels to a new foe in Solid Rock; conventional wisdom says that the cats have too much offense. Dawson Christian travels down to Pinehurst and this should be a decent game, Trojans make it to 5-0. The Cougars will also be taking on a new opponent in Spencer of Columbus. Spencer is a good team with several good athletes. Ms. Coach says Cougars are clicking on all cylinders and they should win on Friday.

In the College ranks Clemson will be in for a surprise in Atlanta playing Ga. Tech but the Tigers should prevail. Alabama, TCU, FSU, Notre Dame, Mississippi St, Baylor, Louisville, Nebraska, Houston and Missouri all should get the W in their column. She says that USC and Utah will be a war but the nod goes to Utah. The Georgia Bulldogs will be easing into Oxford, Mississippi to play a very disappointed and ticked off Ole Miss team. Her best guess is the Rebels are going make them dogs yelp, Ole Miss 38 to 31. Wisconsin at Michigan State should be the best game on TV with one really huge win under their belt over LSU can the Badgers go into Lansing Michigan and win, yes in a squeaker Wisconsin by 2 points. In another huge game Florida invades Neyland Stadium and Tennessee has really struggled at home this year. However, getting the “gator monkey” off their back will be enough incentive to propel the Vols to a win. The toughest game to pick may surprise some but not Ms. Coach as LSU and Auburn tangle. In this match-up two coaches necks are literally stretched over a chopping block. A loss right here could very easily send Les Miles packing on Monday, a loss by Auburn and Gus Malzahn will certainly get pinched at the end of the year, unless they can beat Alabama, fat chance of that happening. This should be a war and I don’t think Auburn survives LSU 18 and Auburn 16. Malzahn will be headed to the Big Ten.miss coach