Wright or Wrong Picks

Published 8:35 am Wednesday, November 2, 2016

By Joe Joe Wright

Ms. Coach says that she ain’t picking Tennessee or Georgia again those programs are just to cloudy. As of right now Ms. Coach stands 154-51 (.751) on the year. I told her she needs to get her season average up to (.800 percentile) so she looked deep into the crystal ball and here is what she found. The Cougars are going to go undefeated. Dooly gets another W. Fullington gets another W. The Patriots will travel to Atkinson and get the win 28- 26.

Oklahoma, App. State, BYU, Louisville, Minnesota, Clemson, West Virginia, Florida St, Michigan, Miami and Auburn will all collect a W this weekend. Ole Miss, USC, Texas AM, Central Florida and Wisconsin will also be getting big wins. Look for Ohio State to bounce back and obliterate Nebraska. The hardest game to pick is Alabama at LSU. Yeah it is easy to say roll tide roll and all that and yes we believe Alabama can beat the Jacksonville Jaguars. However, Baton Rouge on Saturday night is the worst venue on the planet, they will cut you down there. Alabama has not failed a test this year and Ms. Coach doesn’t see an upset being pulled. Tide wins by 5 points. As a bonus Ms. Coach says that the Falcons will “rise up” and smote the Buccaneers in Tampa.miss-coach