Cougar Mania

Published 9:36 am Sunday, November 6, 2016

By Joe Joe Wright

I believe in miracles!! If the Chicago Cubs can win the World Series and they did. Then Donald Trump can win the Presidency and he will. Then the Georgia Bulldogs can also turn their season around and get a bowl game, maybe against Miami. Now wouldn’t that be a hoot?  The Atlanta Falcons can get to a Super bowl. I just don’t know if that is happening or not. However, I said all that to get to this point. The Cougars can win it all. Yeah, they can lose also but if they catch a few breaks and you have to catch a break to win a state title. They are very much capable of winning it all as well.

Let’s do a check list on the ingredients needed to win a title.

Athletes ( ok well we got boat loads of big juicy lineman that can move and we have  numerous skill players as good as anybody.)

Coaching- We have a lot of skilled coaches and our head coach has the boys focused one game at a time.

Fans well we have some pretty rabid fans right now that’s hungry for a championship.

Health- we are missing a couple of players and we have some bruises but for the most part we are healthy and so are the backups.

Administration support-Excellent!

Players are pumped and ready.

And last but not least in the words of the late great Coach Mike Roobin “you got to want it to win it and we want it more!!!”