Published 1:12 pm Tuesday, November 8, 2016

If Hillary becomes the President, Wild Bill will be in the Kitchen.  What in the world can he cook for the Prime Minister of France?

Do you know what kind of Uniform will he have to wear by chance? I kinda think the apron strings will be short, so he can’t ramble!

I hope they don’t give him a Lady for a personal private Secretary.  Lawd have mercy on her all the time, I hope she is an athlete, So she can run and hide all over the rooms from the Mr. Lady.

What will be the name the Media will call him, First Ma-damable. It might be First Man, Mr. Clinton, Hands Off, or The Big Chill.

But the question still remains… who’s in the kitchen with Bill.

If Hillary gets in, will she wear a dress or still wear the pants as President?  I don’t think she can wear anything off the rack from any dress shop,

Maybe she can name a Secretary for hemming and altering clothes.  Pants suits will be worn by Reid and Schumer with shoes that flop.

When the Presidential Pictures are taken, how will they pose?  Will he be sitting in a chair with his legs crossed or hands in his lap?

When Mrs. President visits the Soviet Union, Putin may not listen.  Bill might put a hit on Putin’s wife and if she resist, he’ll get a slap!

Back to our homeland and Lord have mercy on the number of visitors.

The White House may entertain; I hope that each woman registers, so forever we may know, who’s been with Mr. Bill in the kitchen.