The Bulldogs have Rubber Teeth

Published 9:38 am Wednesday, November 9, 2016

By Joe Joe Wright

When I was a little boy about 6 years old my old Uncle Jake up in the hills of Tennessee use to tell me all the time, the “Georgia Bulldogs have rubber teeth.” Well there never has been another one quite like Jake Binkley and I am certain there never will be but he never was a liar.  Now  I am Just looking at this situation, as an outside observer and trying very hard not judge the current staff at UGA in comparison to the previous staff. Well I can’t ! Georgia has fell completely off the college football map. One year ago as more than half of the Bulldog nation was up in arms screaming for Mark Richts head and for Georgia to hire Bulldog alumni Ray Goff, oops I meant Kirby Smart the dogs are headed to dismal season.

Quite possibly the worst Georgia team I have ever seen. I can go back 46 years in memory and in that time Georgia had 5 losing seasons 1977, 1990, 1993, 1996 and 2010. Two of those seasons were under Ray Goff (90-93), one under Dooley (1977), one under Jim Donnan ( 1996) and one under Richt 2010. The worst of those was 1990 and even that year we beat Alabama so that wasn’t so bad.

This year we almost got beat by Nicholls State and we were 56 point favorites. I don’t even know where they are from or  their division. We got destroyed by Ole Miss and I don’t know how we beat North Carolina. According to Scouts Georgia ranked 10th nationwide in 2016 recruiting, 4th in 2015, 12th in 2014, 8th in 2013 and 14th in 2012.Now Georgia did win 10 games last year and then fired Richt and Richt went 8-4 in his first year at Georgia, I mean ya’ll know, I’m just saying. Also in Mark Richt’s tenure he never lost to Vanderbilt, Florida and Ga. Tech in same year. Our two biggest rivals and our perennial doormat that game with the Yellow Jackets looms very big this year. I Love the Dawgs and I will always pull for them, but a reminder to the whole bulldog nation. “Be careful what you wish for.”joejoe-4-copy