College Playoffs headed for trouble??

Published 8:08 am Wednesday, November 16, 2016

By Joe Joe Wright

This has happened before in college football and it wasn’t that long ago. Teams start losing games and suddenly no one is undefeated and there are no clear selections. One thing you can count on just like the sun rising in the east or it being very hot in south Georgia in July, Alabama is going to be in the hunt. I have always been a fan of Alabama, it is kind of hard not to be, I mean everyone loves a winner. Here lately though they make me sick because all they do is win and win and win again.

This past weekend sent a shake up through the college football ranks and for once I agree with the AP Poll. 1. Alabama 2. Ohio St. 3. Louisville I would put Clemson next after all they have beat more ranked opponents, then Michigan at 5. Washington would be at 6. Next up would be Western Michigan ( I can’t believe I said that) but really there are two Division One schools that are undefeated, of course Alabama is the other. 8. West Virginia 9. Boise State (they taught me a lesson years ago, don’t count them out) 10. Troy State. Ok quit laughing but really their only loss was at Clemson and it was close so now there you are! Now what is missing here oh yeah the SEC so besides Wisconsin who is number 11. The next 8 in no order are LSU, Florida St, Tennessee, Florida, Texas AM, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Auburn after that I really don’t care. So who will end up in the playoffs is anyone’s guess except Alabama you can count on like gnats around your face in August in Cordele, roll tide roll.

What is really on everyone’s mind is what about them Bulldogs and their rubber teeth. Well if Georgia can manage to win one of the last two games that will make them at least 7-5 on the year and with that they are bowl eligible and they could end up facing Miami in the Independence Bowl. Yes, I know this is stretching it but if it is remotely possible the powers that be will make it happen, at least I hope so.

Everything I just said means nothing if Alabama loses the SEC Championship or Clemson loses the ACC or Washington loses the Pac 10 championship game or what if Western Michigan goes 12-0 and wins the MAC Conference Championship. At 13-0 and all these teams with two losses they could sneak into the playoffs. I mean really they would get obliterated by BAMA but they could get into the dance. I see this thing expanding to 8 teams very soon. What are your thoughts as always I welcome your comments.joejoe-4-copy