Published 11:31 am Monday, November 21, 2016

Melanie Sangster Akin, Columnist

Atticus is happy to provide all of the mischief, intrigue, and excitement my life needs. He knows that I am familiar with his antics and he knows which actions will produce my reactions. He has carefully studied these things over time. He forgets that I have paid attention as well.

Yesterday, as I was getting ready for work, he was in stealth mode. His attempts to prevent me from detecting his movements had failed. Atticus froze in position, he had been caught. Atticus pondered the possibilities momentarily. Would he become innocent kitty and meow sweetly or would he run? Would he realize that there was no need for either because I am familiar with his brand of mischief?

We remained frozen in our positions, each contemplating what the other would do next. Atticus stood on the bed paw raised, staring at me. I stood in the doorway, questioning what he had done that I missed.

This was ridiculous; one of us had to make the first move. I slowly shook my head. Atticus knew he had been caught. Atticus lowered his paw and looked the other way. Surely the dog was somewhere around. This was obviously Sophia’s fault.

Sophie lay sleeping peacefully in her bed, unaware of the drama unfolding around her and Atticus’ attempt to blame her for his mischief.

I approached the bed, my purse was open. Everything appeared okay, looks however can be deceiving. I scanned the contents, taking a quick inventory. Atticus defiantly sat down. He refused to accept defeat or to admit guilt.

The previously pilfered purse was closed and removed from his reach. The purse had been placed there for only a few moments. This was enough time for Atticus to work a bit of his special brand of mischief. Purse pilfering is an art form for this feline. It would be later in the day before I discovered my missing lip gloss.

Atticus could rest easy, he would be nowhere around when it was missed. He couldn’t be scolded for something that he may or may not remember doing.

Lets’ be honest, he knows what he did. Atticus is reveling in the fact that he once again got away with it.

Atticus prepared for nap, a look of smug satisfaction stretched across his face. Mission accomplished, lip gloss permanently lost!

The only thing I prevented was an additional theft from my purse.