Rooster’s Ramblins

Published 11:46 am Monday, November 21, 2016


The streets of the large cities of America are filled with protests from Clintonites refusing to concede to the fact that Donald Trump will be our next President. Clinton at this point may have more popular votes but the Electoral College elects the President.  Some citizens are against the Electoral College.  The fact is without the Electoral College the states of California, Michigan, Illinois, New York, and Pennsylvania would always elect the President because of their population.

The rebellion against England led to the Continental Congress beginning in 1774 in Philadelphia. A group of Patriots met three times to the year of 1789 when George Washington was elected President by the Electoral College. All through these fifteen years, many governing laws were set in place including the Electoral College.

The Electoral College operates in an unusual capacity. Every state and Washington D.C. receive a certain number of Electors, which is roughly proportional to the population of each individual state along with our Capital City. There is a popular vote election which in turn are converted to the Electoral College system.  If you win the popular vote of a state, you receive all the electors of that State and D.C.  There is a specific date for these electors meeting to fulfill the Command of the Electors, thus enforcing the election of the President.

There have been some elections that have set precedents. Gore received more than a million popular votes than Bush number two, but Bush won by the Electoral College. Hillary will probably win by the popular vote, but Trump won dramatically by electors. Our forefathers knew Politicians could not be trusted so they devised the Electoral College similarly how the Roman Catholics select their Pope. The Cardinals convened together from every corner of the World in the Vatican City to elect their leader!

In the Continental Congress, there was spirited speculation – a man could become President with the popular vote that could be deemed as unqualified or a political machine could place a front man up for President. The Electoral College is a part of a triple scientific formula whereby a person seeking the office is screened first with a Primary vote, then vented by the Popular vote on the first Tuesday in November and lastly the Electoral College.

The voter in these United states has power with their one vote in the Primary setting in motion a system that screens, investigates, and finally using the Electoral College to place hopefully a reasonable and sensible man or woman in the White House as President of these United States of America! The Electoral College is the ‘Great Equalizer.’ Thankful to you on this Thanksgiving Day!!

Thanks to Mrs. Ida Robinson and Mr. Jim Culpepper, my History Teachers, for their influence!

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