Guess who wins the Superbowl

Published 10:56 am Sunday, November 27, 2016

By Joe Joe Wright

You know the Atlanta Falcons are kind of exciting. I mean they are losing and winning but they are winning more than losing and against good teams. Out of the gate Atlanta stumbled against Tampa Bay and lost 31-24. Then they went on the road against two high scoring teams the Raiders and New Orleans and beat them both. Suddenly the all-powerful Carolina Panthers came to Atlanta and guess what they got spanked as well. I really believe that is what sent Carolina into a tailspin after that game. Next up the Falcons went on a two game road trip first to Mile High stadium in Denver and won and as anyone will tell you that is hard to do. Then to Seattle and they barely lost or one might say they got robbed as Julio Jones got mobbed trying to catch a ball. An overtime loss to the bad luck San Diego Chargers and then an impressive win over Green Bay and Tampa Bay and the Falcons look like a contender. In the last game the Falcons flew to the City of Brotherly love, Philadelphia and were downtrodden. This brings us up to date the Atlanta Falcons are 6 and 4 and have beaten some very good teams enroute. This weekend they are on a bye before they host two very good teams with very good defenses. First up the Arizona Cardinals on November 27th and then the Kansas City Chiefs on December 4th, all of the teams Atlanta has remaining except for the 49ers are battling for a limited field of playoff spots. The Falcons are hanging on to a 1 game lead in the NFC South. Look for the Falcons to do well. If they win one out of the next two games I can easily see them taking 3 out of 4 from Rams, 49ers, Panthers and Saints. This would make the Falcons between 10-6 and 11-5 on the year and should give them the division title.

Here is where it will get a little testy! Them Dallas Cowboys are for real and I don’t see anyone getting around them. They might lose in Super bowl 51 to the New England Patriots but that would be the only one and don’t count on that either. So who all will make the playoffs lets count them. From the NFC the divisional winners best guess right now Dallas, Green Bay, Atlanta and Seattle. The two wild cards look like the Eagles maybe and Arizona. In the AFC of course the Patriots, Kansas City, Texans and Pittsburgh bounces back. The Wild Cards will both come from AFC west Broncos and Raiders. Who wins? I think the team that didn’t do that ridiculous kneeling during the anthem. The team that shows respect for their fellow countrymen. The team that is known as Americas Team the Dallas Cowboys that’s who. Who comes in last the 49ers the team that started all that mess. But most importantly GO COUGARS!!!!joejoe-4-copy