400 Million

Published 8:32 am Monday, December 12, 2016

By Joe Joe Wright

If Bryce Harper, the star outfielder for the Washington Nationals, is worth a 400- million-dollar contract, then I will eat my hat! Come on, people!  Please, somebody in this country in the sports world please, please gain some common sense. This boy is one-day older than my daughter and in five Major League seasons, here is what he has done.

He has a batting average of .279, an averaged 24 homeruns, 69 RBI’s, and struck out 113 times per year.  Folks, if he hit .450 with 100 homeruns and 200 RBI’s, he wouldn’t be worth a ten year, 400 million-dollar contract.

I now know what is wrong with our country.  All of the big CEO’s of the major businesses and sports affiliates are STUPID.  Let me say that again, stupid, as in not very smart and also means the intellect level of an armadillo. They have created this monster of over compensation to executives, ball players, and entertainers.  No real value is given to the true strength of our nation, the people.  However, these same people blindly follow this “ worship ideology” with little regard for the bigger picture.  Therefore, it fabricates a massive amount of waste and folks just really don’t care.

These ideologies on supposed value create an almost hypnotic state as more and more people follow this endless “rabbit hole.”  The old saying of “So goes morality, so goes a nation” seems to fit right here very nicely.

What kills me on this issue so badly is not that we follow the wrong people for the wrong reasons and throw money at them, but this kid ain’t that good. Yet because he had an MVP season in 2015, some think he is worth 400 million dollars. Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron, Willie Mays, Mickey Mantle, Ty Cobb, Pete Rose, and seven time MVP Barry Bonds were not worth anywhere near that sum of money even if they played today in their best season and now a twenty-four year old kid with average stats is?

A street thug murders a police officer and some people cheer for him.  A teacher corrects your unruly child in school because you won’t do it at home and some people want to hang the teacher.  A 24-year-old kid hits 42 homeruns a year ago and we’re talking about giving him 400 million.

This country and some of its inhabitants are nuts.joejoe-4-copy