Cougars Dominate All-Region in Football: Cougars also land Four on All-State Team

Published 11:28 am Saturday, December 17, 2016

Shelton Felton Selected as 1-AAA Coach of the Year

Markaviest “Big Cat” Bryant Player of the Year

Ahdarrious Gee Defensive Player of the Year

All-State Team

LB- Quay Walker

LB-Ahdarrious GEE

LB-Markaviest “Big cat’ Bryant”

DB Brandon Dowdell

By Joe Joe Wright

On the All Region 1st Team Offense

Athlete Brandon Dowdell

QB-Patrick Felton

WR-TJ Ming

WR-Tubby Spivey

OL- Antonio Addie Jr.

1st Team Defense

LB- Quay Walker

DB- Jammie Robinson

DB-Jhi’Shawn Taylor                                                            

DL-Jahlil Taylor

DL- De’Angelo Griffin

Kicker Brandon Thompson

2nd Team Offense

OL- Clifton Mercer

OL_ Jerome Tolbert

Punter-Adam Posey

2nd Team Defense

LB-Rakim Hardrick

LB-Dekevious Hamilton

DL-Garderris Henry               

DB-DJ Smith

Honorable Mention

OL-Colton Oliver

Ol-Brennan Bledsoespivey j-tay ming bi-man posey dj brandon-t felton gee brandon brennan img_9986-copy quay jammie mercer hamillllll tolbert patrick addie deangelo colton big-cat henry