All I want for Christmas

Published 10:50 am Friday, December 23, 2016

By Joe Joe Wright

Twas the Night Before Christmas

…..and all through the land not a person was praying, nay, not one in the land.

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, in hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there.

The heathens were up drinking and carousing about, not a thought in their heads of what holidays were out.

The mere mention of Christmas had become unacceptable, even “Happy Holidays” was now hardly bearable.

Who is Jesus? one inquires with aggression, since mentioning his name is an arresting transgression.

Father Christmas, we ask you to hurry on down, and show all the people in our little town,

That Jesus is God and there can be only one, make no mistake he’s the begotten son.

For centuries, Kris Kringle, you have spread love and joy, taught us all it is better to give and enjoy.

All I ask now is to help us believe, as small children do on Christmas Eve.

They don’t need encouragement the truth to know, they trust in you and their faces just glow.

This is the way we old Christians once acted, when first we believed in Christ’s solemn actions.

As time does pass and we think ourselves smarter, please show us, St. Nick, the right way is harder.

We have worked for years to take the easy way out, we took God out of school and killed unborns like trout.

We have become so confused on what’s right and what’s wrong, that we can’t say “I love you” now, even in song.

Money, pleasure, and greed are the rules for today, but we all know this road is as slippery as clay.

Only Jesus can save us, oh, ambassador of Christ, would you please help us, for we stand on thin ice.

The Devil lurks on every street in the land, and to exact his price, stealing souls is his plan.

Say a prayer for us all, Father Time while you travel,  America’s worth saving from Lucifer’s gallows.