Don’t get your hopes Up

Published 4:16 pm Tuesday, December 27, 2016

By Joe Joe Wright

Of course I am a fan of the Falcons but I am also a fan of the Cowboys, Dolphins, Patriots, Packers and the Steelers. Now if it gets down to the Falcons winning it all I will be going with my home team but years upon years upon untold years of disappointment have taught me to not get my hopes up. Yes Falcons fans the “dirty birds” are a team to recon with. They have the number one scoring offense in the NFL 502 points 33.5 per game. On offense they can be very overwhelming and they have beat a number of good teams to get where they are now. The Falcons also have a propensity to let other teams score and make big coaching mistakes. Their defense is not good it is 23rd in the NFL.  The Cowboys on the other hand are 4th in offense and 3rd in scoring defense plus they are America’s team. The Packers have been on a winning streak and appear to be getting better every game and yes I know the Falcons beat them earlier. The Falcons lost to the Seahawks on very bad non call where Seahawks Defensive back Richard Sherman all but put Julio Jones in an arm bar take down wrestling maneuver to prevent a catch. Something just tells me our coaching staff is not as good and seasoned as the Packers, Cowboys and Seahawks and I know our defense is at best suspect.

With all that said, however, let us assume Atlanta pulls off a couple of upsets and finds itself in the Super Bowl. It really gets worse there you see. “Matty Ice” can’t hold Tom Brady’s clipboard and them Patriots would beat Atlanta to death! Yes I know the Patriots have been beat but this year they have a chip on their shoulder and I can see the Steelers hanging with them for 2 quarters in the AFC Championship and I can see Dallas play them tough in the Super Bowl, but the “dirty birds” if they make it that far will get a spanking. I hope I am wrong but I don’t think so. Oh did I mention that Bill Belichick is the best, number one, top dog, numero uno coach in all the NFL and Dan Quinn is just getting started as a head coach. I can’t even name a single defensive player for the Falcons, that is sad no one stands out enough. Yeah folks I stand by my statement don’t get your hopes up.joejoe-4-copy