Published 1:43 pm Tuesday, January 3, 2017

By Doster Fitzgerald

President-Elect Trump is catching red hot finger pointing concerning his Cabinet Posts for his forthcoming Presidency. He is being directly attacked by liberals who seemingly forget who has served as Cabinet members previously beginning with President Lyndon Johnson’s Defense Secretary Robert McNamara, who served during the Viet Nam War. McNamara beyond his failed programs under him, but as a human being he was absolutely hated by practically all the Citizens of the United States. We were fundamentally drawn to a type of warfare we had never seen. He failed to adapt the United States to fight as Guerillas.

Cabinet Members can make or break a President’s Administration. Many Presidents have had catastrophic happenings in their appointed offices. Take a gander at former President Jimmy Carter’s members, Chief of Staff Hamilton Burger, Bert Lance, Griffin Bell, and Andrew Young, some stayed only six months – The Georgia Coalition. What about Nixon’s Cabinet changing? John Mitchell, Attorney General, who had a stay in the Federal Pen, and they want to give Trump the devil for picking Sen. Jeff Sessions? My goodness! Then put him up against the yard attorneys Holder and Loretta Lynch!

Just remember Donald Rumsfeld under Bush, who bragged on our readiness in the Iraq War compare him to ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis.  Place ‘Mad Dog’ against Ash Carter under Obama, how ridiculous can one get! Oh, not to forget Chuck Hagel! What a glorious change in the U.N.  Gov. Nikki Haley pushing Susan Rice out to pasture becoming a conservative Ambassador to the United Nations under the Trump Administration. Maybe she can convince fellow members to pay their share in the operation of the U.N.

Lastly but not the least in any government, Rex Tillerson pushes the non-charismatic John Kerry home to his Catsup manufacturing wife. By just showing up at office, he can put an end to any semblance of Hillary Clinton ever being in that post! Her position was not in our behalf but to operation a Foundation to pay her daughter $980,000 Yearly.

The Trump Cabinet comes to the media camera-ready.  They present the American Realism that Trump stands to salute. This Administration can be easily named the John Wayne America.