Published 1:41 pm Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Hi! My name is Lucky Taylor and soon after retiring from the military, I went to the police academy for the Cordele Police Department.  I was a Parole Officer for many years and had been a part-time Deputy with the Crisp County Sheriff’s office since 1998.

On November 8, 2016, I learned that a friend and former co-worker, Daryl Smallwood, had died as a result of injuries he received as a Peach County Deputy.  He was the second deputy to die in that incident.  Later that same day, I had found myself in a life or death situation at a local convenience store.  I shop there and know most of the employees and they know me.  During this incident, I came face-to-face twice with a man pointing a gun directly at me at close range.  I won’t go in to any details about what happened, because the end result is all that matters.  I was able to live through it and protect the employees and customers (one customer helped me during this) and to serve Crisp County.  I was protected by the Lord.

What I do need to do is to say THANK YOU to a long list of great people.  As I called 911 for help about a man with a gun, officers responded to help me.  They PUT THEIR LIVES on the line to save mine.  The first two police officers to arrive were able to defuse an ugly situation and took control of the offender I was on the floor fighting.  They were followed in seconds by my two deputy co-workers, who secured the inside of the store and protected the people there.  They were then followed by all the other police officers and deputies, EMS, supervisors, investigators, the Sheriff, the Chief of Police, family members, and concerned citizens.  In addition, I owe the 911 Staff for getting me help quickly and efficiently.  I also owe the Emergency Room and hospital for making sure the bad guy and I were okay after a hard day at work.  This is a long list of wonderful people who serve in harm’s way.  We are a lucky community to have them, and I’ve been privileged to work with them.

From that point on, I owe a THANK YOU to all the kind, compassionate, and concerned people who have talked to me, said the right things, reached out to me, and made me feel their love and concern for me in that serving Cordele and Crisp County are the right thing to do.  I am not smart enough to put their kindness and compassion in the right words here, but I do appreciate each thought from your heart to mine.

Lastly, I need to Thank God for saving both my life and the offenders and having me at the right place at the right time with the right outcome and for allowing me to interact with the wonderful people in Cordele.  I also need to thank my family, especially my wife Lynda, for their concern and support after gone through this episode.

I try to not look back on that day and try to enjoy the todays and tomorrows the Lord has given me.  THANK YOU, CORDELE!

Lucky Taylor