Tide and Tigers in a rematch

Published 3:08 pm Saturday, January 7, 2017

By Joe Joe Wright


After beating Clemson last year 45-40 in the national championship. The Crimson Tide road off into the sunset with yet another title. From that moment till now the only thing that has been on Dabo Swinney’s mind is revenge. The way Clemson has played ball lately and the way they manhandled Ohio State like they were a High School team has me thinking that revenge is a dish best served around the warm waters of Tampa Bay, Fla. Folks Clemson is serious and they really believe they can beat the mighty Alabama. I must admit I believe they can win as well. The recent departure of Lane kiffin may very well serve as an agent of Tide’s destruction. Like him or hate him Kiffin is a very fine Offensive Coordinator. Yeah last week against Washington I heard friends yell on face book throw the ball and some said run the ball. I 

don’t think Kiffin could hear them though he was to busy dodging the old mean Nick Saban. In Kiffins defense the Crimson Tide scored two touchdowns on the ground and rushed for 269 yards. You see Jalen Hurts is not widely regarded as a great passer he is at best average and was 7 for 14 with no TD’s and to his credit no interceptions. I suspect that is what Kiffin was trying to achieve limited  turnovers. Washington came into the game ranked 8th in total offensive scoring in the nation but could manage only one lone touchdown. Alabama was ranked 15th nationally in scoring and still managed 17 points on offense. Also given the fact that Washington had a decent defense winning a game like this 24-7 is fairly sound work.

Overall Clemson destroyed Urban Meyers and the Ohio State Buckaroos and I couldn’t be happier. I can’t stand Ohio State, Washington, USC, Penn State, Michigan, Stanford, Oregon or any of them other Yankee teams or left coast programs. I am from the south and I love the SEC and like the ACC. Georgia, Alabama, Florida State and yes of course Mark Richt’s  Miami now those are my teams. Clemson doubled OSU in yards on offense and beat them 31-0. Dabo ain’t doing a lot of talking, and  these guys are just as serious as big bad Bama. I can certainly see were there will be a lot of emotions flying high on the Tigers team. Though I wouldn’t bet against Clemson one thing I believe in like my boy Ric Flair use to say, “to be the man you gotta beat the man” in this case Alabama is the man and I am picking the Tide to win this one in an average scoring affair 31-28. But I could be wrong!!!!joejoe-4-copy