Don’t blink

Published 8:23 am Thursday, January 12, 2017

By Joe Joe Wright

Before the kick-off I had a lot of reservations as to who would win the college football national championship. As a whole Alabama really does have more 4 and 5 star players than anyone else in America. So if anyone thinks they have better athletes than a Nick Saban team you are dreaming. As far as coaches go Alabama has for the most part more than their fair share of the best ones in college. Alabama also has tradition on their side as they have won more accolades than any school in history. The Clemson Tigers put a scare into the “Tide” last year and this year they had the revenge factor on their side. Now revenge without talent won’t get you anywhere. The Big Orange Cats have loads of talent starting with #4 their QB Deshaun Watson (best player in the land). They have very good coaches and a proud tradition as well. What started out, as  a defensive struggle quickly became a scoring fest in the 4th quarter. Interesting fact is Deshaun Watson was sacked 4 times and Jalen Hurts zero times. Watson took some very serious hard licks and got right up. Clemson had 3 fumbles and Bama none. What I am trying to say is that on paper Alabama should have won the game, but they didn’t. That Watson kid is what I like to call the real deal. He made several “Manning” or “Brady” type throws, he ran like a deer though Bama did a very good job of corralling him. He is very smart after all he finished college in three years. Yes Watson will turn pro next year and the Cleveland Browns who desperately need a quarterback can draft another one and see if they can ruin him as well. Don’t go to Cleveland Deshaun, can you hear me don’t do it.,( I’m yelling at him right now). Facts are facts and Watson has what it takes to be a great pro player. Dynamic arm and legs, smart and also football smart, tough as any player I have seen and mentally tough as well. If he can stay out of Cleveland he will be one of the top 5 quarterbacks in the NFL in 5 years or less no doubt.

Yes it is fair to say that was at least one of the top three best college games ever. Now why did I say, “don’t blink”. Well Alabama scored on a bomb late in the 3rd quarter to go up by 10 points and I dozed off in my chair as is usual for me, i.e. “the blink” and I woke up to see that four more touchdowns had been scored and three were by Clemson. Wow! I missed a lot. Clemson runs a pick play or what others call a rub play to win the game. Usually pick plays are illegal but in this case it was not and the Tigers are the National Champions. What a year of football it has been and I can’t wait till the fall rolls around. I am going out on a limb here and say Alabama will be pre-season number 1, imagine that!joejoe-4-copy