And the Super Bowl Champion is………..

Published 5:38 pm Wednesday, January 18, 2017

By Joe Joe Wright

After this past weekend of pro football the Atlanta Falcons moved one step closer to going to the super bowl. The Falcons made the Seahawks look like a midget football team and all is well in Georgia now. The Patriots stumbled about a little bit against the Texans but there really was never any doubt that they would win the game. The Patriots were favored by 16 points and had three turnovers and still covered the spread. In Sundays contest the games could not have been any tighter. The Dallas Cowboys lost to the Green Bay Packers  by a field goal with seconds on the clock. That Aaron Rodgers is really hard to beat much to the dismay and heartbreak of countless millions of Cowboy fans. Up in Kansas City the Chiefs just could never get much going offensively. The cold weather and wind was brutal and the Pittsburgh Steelers outlasted them 18-16 and set playoff record 6 field goals to win the game.

So what will the end result be let’s take a stab at it. Pittsburgh will travel to New England to play Tom Brady. Honestly the only team that stands a chance to beat Brady and his boys is the Steelers. They have experience in the playoffs, they have “Big” Ben Roethlisberger, Antonio Brown (who is arguably the best receiver in football), they also have Le’Veon Bell who is the best running back in football and they are just plain lucky sometimes. I would rather be lucky than good any day. They are however, playing the New England Patriots who have a really big chip on their shoulder and they have Tom Brady and he is the best quarterback since Joe Montana and will be called the greatest ever to play even over Peyton Manning, Montana, Marino, Rodgers, Unitas or Brett Favre. Playing in Foxborough against the Patriots when they have an axe to grand over cheating allegations and Brady suspensions is not where I would want to be come this Sunday. The Pats have already handed the Steelers a loss this year in Pittsburgh back in week 7. The 27-16 lesson that Brady dispersed back then is nothing compared to the one he is handing out on the 22nd of January. One thing is for sure they will need more than field goals to get by New England let’s go out on a limb here Patriots 37 and Steelers 23.

Now we travel to Atlanta were all the hearts in Georgia will be praying to the almighty for a win. I listened to my son tell me just how bad the Falcons  would beat the Packers and not to mention a host of other people. Falcons this Falcons that, Matty Ice this and Matty Ice that and Julio is Jesus and Devante Freeman is Moses and the list goes on and on and on yall get the picture ? Yes, the Falcons have had a good year they have a great offense. Matt Ryan is the leading candidate for the MVP and I believe he is deserving and to think last year I thought he should be traded, oh well. The Falcons have great runners and a receiving corps second to none. Their defense is subpar and gives up a lot of yards but at times they can step it up a bit. Their opponent the Green Bay Packers are led by future hall of fame quarterback Aaron Rodgers he is the second best QB in football year in and year out. Rodgers is very smart and he makes great plays. For Atlanta to win they must close down his pocket and force him to throw the ball in less than 3 seconds. If they can do that they will win if they let him run around and have 4 to 6 seconds to throw the Falcons will lose. I am 53 years old fat, short and have a heart condition but if you let me have 7 seconds to throw the ball I can beat you if you let Rodgers have that much time he is going to eat your liver out of your side (destroy, mangle, mutilate embarrass you) get the picture? The other part of this game seems to be the Atlanta offense and the Packers cornerbacks. The Packers are suffering from devastation at that position and for a team facing a passing threat like the Falcons have that is bad news. My best guess is this, Atlanta will corral Rodgers just enough and Matty Ice will and his entourage of pass catchers are going to have a field day. In their last meeting on October 30th Atlanta escaped with a 33-32 win. I expect close to 60 points or more again let’s send the Falcons to the super bowl with a 41 to 37 win. Next week I will tell you who wins Super bowl.joejoe-4-copy