Published 8:19 am Monday, January 23, 2017

By Joe Joe Wright

This year is going to be a heck of a trip. Starting back on January 9th with Clemson’s win over Alabama and now next up is the inauguration of our 45th President Donald Trump which was yesterday at noon. This event promises to bring about a great deal of change in the way America does business, fights battles, treats our babies, pays taxes, treats our veterans and deals with foreigners of all types.

In a few weeks we very well may get to see our beloved Atlanta Falcons playing in a Super Bowl. If they win especially over the New England Patriots! Folks around here might not ever hush talking!!! A number of local football players are going to play football in college, where are they going? No one knows yet for sure but we are all very excited for them.

The high school baseball season will kick off on February 8th, wow!!! They are getting ridiculous with this, that is way to early in 2009 they started on February 28th. I guess in 2020 they will kick it all off on January 24th. Look for the Cougars and the Wildcats to field some pretty good teams this year. I suspect Fullington will be ok as well. The Atlanta Braves or should I say the Marietta Braves will be opening up in their brand new stadium. I hope you have a lot of time and money if you want to go to a game. First off it will take 2 hours and forty five minutes to get there verses about two hours before and ticket prices are up as well. My guess is the Braves will be better this year playing around .500 ball.

By the time the fall rolls around the Cougars, Bobcats, Wildcats, Patriots and Trojans will be chomping at the bits to get after it. My guess is the Cougars are going UNDEFEATED 10-0 again. Yes, I said it here first just wait and see. Looking at the Georgia Bulldogs their schedule is so weak if they don’t go undefeated it would be firing time again. They play Appalachian State first in Athens and my guess is the giant killers known, as the Mountaineers will not be sneaking up on the Dogs. Then Georgia travels to South Bend, Indiana to play Notre Dame. The Fighting Irish do not have much fight. The Dawgs toughest games are at Tennessee, Auburn and Ga. Tech. Now I am not dismissing the booger eaters down in Gainesville but my feeling is that every dog has his day and Georgia will win there. The only game that truly concerns me is at Auburn, I think we have made them folks mad! Georgia 11-1 and winning the East is a very real possibility, like I said if they don’t, it is time to see if we can get Bobby Petrino to come down here or maybe the “Mad Hatter”. Ga.Tech only returns 11 starters and my guess is they might go 6-6. In Georgia the fall also brings about girls fast pitch softball and both the Wilcox Patriots and the lady Cougars will be looking to repeat their 2016 performance. Fullington and Crisp Academy will also be in the region hunt as well. In basketball Crisp Academy has no seniors on the boys team and best guess is they will be dominant at the end of the year. So in the area served by the Dispatch I see some sweet times coming.joejoe-4-copy