Senator/Representatives Assess Damage With Crisp Authorities

Published 4:02 pm Wednesday, January 25, 2017

By Angela Barentine

sheriff-senators-repsToday, Crisp County EMA Director Sheriff Billy Hancock, along with Deputy Sheriff Denise Youngblood, visited Shady Lane Trailer Park with Senator Greg Kirk, Representative Buddy Harden, and Representative Ed Rynders to assess the damage from Sunday’s storm. Clean up in the area is progressing rapidly and Representative Buddy Harden commented how proud he was of the expedited, effective response from Crisp County’s EMA. Senator Kirk concurred with Representative Harden, yet cautioned that it will take a while to get everything back to normal. After damage assessment, the group continued to meet at the Crisp County Sheriff’s Office to further outline their plan of action for continued clean up efforts in the area. Wilcox County Sheriff Robert Rodgers was also present. Senator Kirk will be in Pitts, Georgia, on Saturday at Noon at the Pitts City Hall and will visit damaged areas in Wilcox County. More coverage will run in the upcoming Saturday’s edition.