RISE UP!!!! Or fall down hmmmmm

Published 8:05 am Monday, January 30, 2017

By Joe Joe Wright

When it comes to the Super Bowl no other championship on Earth gets more hype. This year will be no different in fact it may well be one the most talked about Super bowls in recent years. Add to the fact the Falcons are in the game and down here in Georgia the expectations are through the roof. The Dirty Birds gotta eat, the Coons gonna roll, Matty Ice is superman, Julio Jones is the greatest of all time, the other team cheated, Freeman is a Beast and on and on and on. If I hear “Rise Up” one more time I will scream like a little girl. Rise Up Rise Up Rise Up what exactly does that mean any way rise up off your butt well that would certainly help you win? Is it some kind of a  play on words about a “Phoenix rising from the ashes” I don’t think the Falcons have been buried quite that far down in years past. I mean don’t get me wrong I’m pulling for the Falcons, they are from my home state but for over 4o years I have felt nothing but heartache from that group as they have let us southerners down countless times.

The real questions are can they finish the deal. They face Tom Brady who is arguably the best QB ever and he is really ticked off. In the last year he has been called a cheater and his manhood has been questioned.  I think he is out to prove a point. Even if he doesn’t win on February 5th he proved he and his team deserve every accolade they get. Brady is 39 years old and football age he is on Social Security already. He has won 4 super bowls one more and the record is his alone. The Patriots are missing BIG BAD ROB GRONKOWSKI and that really hurts. They are however, better balanced on defense than the Falcons. Tradition big money and a lot of winners that is what New England has to offer. The Falcons have the most prolific offense in the NFL and they really want to win a super bowl. Well I wanna win a million dollars on the lottery but I ain’t holding my breath. I see the keys to a Falcon victory as this. Use your running backs more and more they are great. Julio may get you a big play or two but they are going to bring a safety over the top of him on every down so don’t force it to him. A total of 13 people have scored on passes from Matt Ryan don’t change that game plan. At least three times someone for Atlanta needs to hit Brady really really hard get a flag if you have too but hit him hard as in late in life brain damage hard. Manage your clock the Patriots are capable of scoring quickly just like Atlanta. Be confidant not cocky. Don’t give New England anything  two turnovers by the Falcons will mean a loss. I think that this is the year of the Dirty Bird so Rise Up and bring back the old “Grits Blitz”. I am calling this one Falcons 33 Patriots 24 or just say COONS by 11.joejoe-4-copy