Published 3:19 pm Monday, February 6, 2017

Doster “Rooster” Fitzgerald

Junior and Clark are sacrificially trying to reach an impasse.  All at once, they see Pitts Police come right by the irrepressible Don Wood in center into infield. Mr. Walter Lindsey Chief gets out and tells Clark the power is on.  You can get John D. Back on air.

Clark talks to Junior: “We got ‘em back on, but I’m gonna give a Robins commercial on – maybe Joe and Sam’s business will pick up.”  In an instantaneous moment, Clark is on the air saying: “Friends and neighbors, Robins is the place to go for your church clothes and attire, they can fit you from your toes to your nose. Take my word. My dad W. T. goes and gets his there, even Mr. T. A. Holliday gets his botany 500 suits there. You know they have four buttons on the sleeve, now I give you John D. and Raymond as they come up in top of ninth.

John ecstatically announces: “Raymond, we are back on the air for fans’ sake. The big short stop for Rochelle, Autry drove in Matt Estes and James Rhodes with a screeching line drive off the front glass of Hobb’s front window as he and Cecil try to slip back in to ball game, serves him right!”

Raymond speaks: “Yes, John D.  We are in the top of ninth with third baseman. Steel bridge McLemore gets to plate.  Phil Conner is still on mound for Pitts with a tied score.”

John D. on Air: “Ok, we watch McLemore get ready. He steps in. Phil fires a change up and Donald drives into right and Woody Hall is ready for the wicked grounder as he fires it to Geraldine. She throws to Alf for a double-assisted out. Before the slow, McLemore can make it to first. Never seen this before folks.”   Mr. Davis, first baseman says: “Ain’t playing first no more, I’m gonna swap with Woody Miss Baggywelly, I’ve had it!”

Raymond comes on: “Well, John D., I’ve seen it all – Woody and Alf exchanging positions. Ok, back to you, Mr. Rockefeller.”

John D.: “Well fans, Stanley Copeland comes out to hit for Matt.  Phil throws, King says strike, strike, strike, and Copeland is out. Up next, James Rhodes hits a screamer to Brenda at Short.  She throws it to Geraldine for a double play.”

Raymond says: “John D., that ain’t a double play cause there were two out.”  John D. says: “I know that, but don’t it sound really like Dizzy Dean of CBS and the Cardinals, Raymond.”

Oliver softly says: “Ah, John announce the game.  I got cows to feed, come on back man.”

John emphatically takes mike: “Folks, it’s the bottom of the ninth. Pitts is got their old catcher George Conner coming to plate. Looks like Nadine has been feeding him.”  Mr. Conner plays with out shoes, so that makes him a barefoot catcher who caught Roger Stubbs and Musk Wright long ago.”

Jon D. relates: “George steps in and Copeland now at short is real deep, Pete into his windup throws a right hand fastball. The batter is taking a terrific cut at the ball and drives it toward Don Wood in center. Hey folks! Don looks like he is flying. He’s not going to get that ball.  Raymond, it’s gone and George is dancing around the bags saying I told you so, I told you so.”

Raymond comes on: “John D., these boys have made history – back to you John for ending regrets.”

John D. happy to say: “Radio fans, these people from Pitts are going nuts. Richard, Hobb, and Cecil are doing donuts in the field. Geraldine and Brenda are singing Pitts Alma Mater. It’s a good-bye radio land for this history making game. Pitts getting the win on a long homerun over Don Wood’s head for a 4 to 3 victory in Hobb’s pasture!”