Cougars take on tough foes on the road

Published 3:41 pm Tuesday, March 21, 2017

By Joe Joe Wright

Most would say that the 2017 Cougars pitching would suffer, in comparison to previous years but that is not been the problem. “Actually our pitching has been ok,” said Head Coach Bill Pate. The hitting however, has been way down with nearly a third of all at bats ending in strikeouts. Team batting average is way down and the Cougars really just haven’t caught any breaks. Take for instance in this past weeks long road trip the Cougars were 1 -4 on the road. Plays like the “Willie Mays” catch by Berrien County’s centerfielder keeps Crisp from scoring 4 runs. “The kid made an astounding catch”, said Pate. Now with the all important region schedule beginning on Wednesday with Cook County here in Cordele every game counts more. The Cougar region schedule includes two home games and one away against Cook and two away games and one home against Worth County. Win two games from each team and you pretty much win the region. Either way the Cougars are almost certain to make a run to the playoffs but if they are to have any longevity when they get there, they will need to catch a few breaks.