The Rise and Fall of Sports

Published 9:30 am Monday, April 3, 2017

By Joe Joe Wright

Sports of all kinds have always been a competition between people that at it’s essence helped reduce the need for armed conflict. Going back as far as the ancient Olympics, athletic brawls reduced the need  for mankind to fight to the death. Of course in early times fighting to the death was very commonplace. The Roman Gladiators would entertain the masses by fighting in the arena. However, contrary to popular opinion gladiators did not fight to the death all the time. After all they were slaves and slaves were expensive. So don’t confuse executions with gladiator death fights. Example Christians were fed to the lions in those days unless they could bare handily defeat the lions. Fat chance of that! I have spoken before that athletic competition is hard wired into our psychological profiles. Since the beginning of civilization we have competed and in todays climate it is a huge business. The TV ratings for college football are through the roof. People are making Billions upon Billions of dollars. It doesn’t appear that there is anything that can derail sports, especially in the United States.

Appearances can be deceiving! I draw your attention to the underlying concepts of sports. 1. To alleviate the desire to kill and replace it with simple defeat of an opponent. As the old saying goes wouldn’t it be great if all wars could be decided on a football field in a single game and the winner gets the spoils, no need for young people to die. 2. Team sports have been for over a hundred years fundamentally a necessity for the teaching of people how to work with others. Character builder, putting others before yourself, self sacrifice, hard work pays off, dedication and the list goes on and on, the best one learned though in sports is obedience. Young people especially need this because it just isn’t taught in the home. Our civilization has become a society of “snow flakes”, a group of Krispy Kreme eating cream puffs who are scared of everything and want everything regulated. We don’t want teachers telling our kids anything that has to do with decency or morality because it is the parent’s responsibility and they shuck it daily. We place no value on life and blame guns for peoples deaths. We no longer worship God but believe we have the answers. Oh and less I forget we can change our biological makeup by simply identifying. With that one I am now going to be a billionaire, play boy with a God complex and a head full of hair. No more calling me bald headed it is there now. Oh wait just a minute I don’t need a billion dollars, a million will do for me and I certainly don’t need to be a playboy. Also I am pretty certain if I had the powers of God I would miss use them so keep them as well. No I am afraid my needs are not that great. I don’t even want a boat. I would love to see at least college football survive but alas nothing is going to in existence in 50 years. I use to think we could fix America by getting everyone off the hands out list. Not going to happen. You see in city’s everywhere you find signs don’t feed the birds or the bears etc. Why because they become dependent on you and forget basic survival instincts. Same with humans. If you follow the leftist agenda and believe the medias hype on socialism then economies and people become stagnate, they don’t move forward or backwards. Our kids are not learning anything about survival. I am glad my father isn’t alive to see America, it is awful to watch. What breaks my heart though is sports collapsing. I see problems on the horizon either way.