Letter to the Editor

Published 3:14 pm Tuesday, April 4, 2017

I am a U. S. Army Veteran, who served during the Vietnam Era, and I am proud of my service to this country called the United States of America.  In these days and times, I’m not so sure about the “United” part.

Just recently, I heard on the news and also read in the local newspaper about the additional 200 U. S. troops being deployed to the battle lines in Iraq.

My question is why do we have to announce to the world and our enemies how many troops we’re sending, the equipment they are using, where they’ll be deployed, and how they are to operate.  To me, that’s giving our enemies heads up!  They don’t need to know when, where, and how.  All they need to know and feel is the effect that is on them at that moment.

Let’s stop giving up this information when we are fighting the sometime unknown enemy.  These folks have access to the media, internet, and all other communication gadgets, too.  We don’t need to have them sitting around waiting on us, because we have already announced it to the world our intentions and strategy.

Some things need to be left unannounced and this is one of them.  Let’s support our troops and their families.

Alvie Coes, Jr. – Unadilla, GA  31091