The Tri- County Sports has had a banner year

Published 8:13 am Wednesday, May 10, 2017

By Joe Joe Wright

With the sports year having now come to an end in this area and only a few people left running track. We can sit back now and look at the entire year of sports and say wow! Just wow! It has been the most overall productive year in all sports together for the tri-county area that I can ever recall.

Let’s start in September. Crisp County sets records in football. Dooly, Fullington and Crisp Academy all join them in the playoffs. In girls softball a very dominate Wilcox squad again makes it to the final four and the Crisp girls make it to the elite eight in Columbus for the very first time ever. Crisp Academy and Fullington Academy also go off to the state playoffs as well. Cougar basketball boys and girls make the playoffs as did Dooly Boys and both Wilcox girls and boys, Fullington girls and boys and Crisp Academy boys and girls. Those Wildcat girls don’t seem to know how to lose a region title as this was their 6th or 7th in a row, wow!!! Cougar wrestling soared into new territory, as did the Wildcats who had a state champion wrestler. With the arrival of spring brought a large number of state contenders as well. Crisp and Crisp Academy both continued to see action in post-season baseball. Cougar Track along with Dooly, Wilcox and Crisp Academy all went on to state play. Cougar Tennis, Wildcat Golf, Cougar Soccer, and Wildcat tennis all ran their seasons into state play. I may miss a few on this listing but it is suffice to say, this has been a big year in sports around here. The 2017-18 seasons looks to be full of big wins as well. As for the Cougars the 7 region titles they won this year almost certainly has to be a record. Two tennis boys and girls, football, basketball, soccer, cheerleading and ROTC and a