Braves lose best Player

Published 9:29 am Monday, May 22, 2017

And it is raining tears all over the south

By Joe Joe Wright

When the moron for the Toronto Blue Jays nailed Freddie Freeman on the hand with inside pitch the other day, he did more than injure a player. Freddie Freeman was the face of the Atlanta Braves. The best player in baseball this year and was already a favorite in the MVP voting. Look at what he had done so far. #1 in Homeruns with 14, #1 in Slugging Percentage, #6 in Batting Average at .341, the all-new category wins above replacement also #1. Here is an explanation of that subject.

Baseball Reference uses six components to calculate WAR for position players: The components are batting runs, baserunning runs, runs added or lost due to grounding into double plays in double play situations, fielding runs, positional adjustment runs, and replacement level runs (based on playing time).

Without Freeman the Braves have no hope of the playoffs. Matt Kemp is good but he can’t carry the team and that pitching staff and several players are like a  pterodactyl sized albatross hanging around your neck. The Braves upper Management has done an excessively poor job of building a team for their new stadium. I am going to bet that within 4 years they trade Freeman just because he is the only thing of value. Honestly I wish the “mouth of the South” Ted Turner would buy the Braves back; they were fun when he had them. Now with Freddie gone I have no reason to watch them. Oh unless I wanted to watch Bartolo Colon pitch a game. Just kidding I think I would rather rearrange my sock drawer. People wonder why fights get started on the field in baseball. You see the Blue Jays best player is Jose Bautista and he is somewhat of a flashy showboat, with that bat flipping and all. What should have happened after they hit Freeman was a pitch in his ear hole. Yeah that’s bad sportsmanship, but then I ain’t in the major leagues and the Braves are nice guys. Well our nice guys are currently in 2nd place with a losing record, (can you say weak division) but nice guys finish last, my guess they plummet over the next few months. I sure do hope I am wrong!!! Spanky and Fish guys yall are in for along summer.