SPLOST Money is a Godsend

Published 9:28 am Monday, May 22, 2017

By Joe Joe Wright

All you got to do is get out and go look around the County and you can see it first hand the good works that SPLOST money has done and will do in the future.

Let’s start with the New Soccer Stadium. We very well maybe the only school our size anywhere in South Georgia with our very own designated soccer fields. Nice fields with lights and fencing. Yeah it really is a big deal. The winning of our first region title and hosting the playoffs was also big. Another benefit is not wearing out the football field in the spring, this is a win –win! If you have not rode by the Cougar Football Den lately then take the ride. New construction of bathrooms and concessions is underway and will be completed and ready by our home kick off of the 2017 season. Soon when the new middle school is built and it will be built with nearly 80 cents out of every dollar coming from somewhere else. We will get new badly needed parking at the stadium. Plus other extremely nice amenities will be added to the schools in the not to distant future. The weight room is being doubled in size, the band room got a little extra. The ROTC kids need another room, oh I can keep going but you all get the message. SPLOST money pays for that not your property tax. Yes that is a big deal as well. I can think of several more sports related projects that need doing like a new concession stand and bathrooms at baseball stadium new track ( oh it is coming as well) any way you look at it running a school system and recreation department in the county cost money. It is sure nice to know that we have the SPLOST, Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax. Oh and by the way the next big sport coming down the pipeline is BASS Fishing, yeah you heard that right. Fishing teams will be here one day. It isn’t sponsored by the GHSA because they haven’t figured out how to make money on it, but it is coming you will see! SPLOST it is truly a Godsend and it should never end because we never stop growing and needing stuff.