Published 2:27 pm Tuesday, May 30, 2017

By Joe Joe Wright

I sit and ponder sometimes just what could possibly make everyone happy?  And for the life of me, I can’t think of a single thing that would make EVERYONE happy.

I know this is all about attitude.  If Jesus came back tonight, all the unsaved, the Muslims, the Buddhists, and every other religious faction would be upset.

If Wal-Mart offered up free ice cream, then half would be mad that there was no chocolate, or vanilla, or tutti-frutti.

You might think having a new baby would bring joy to anyone, but I can assure you that there are those out there that hate babies.

How about an ice-cold beer?  Naw! That will not get it either.

A steak supper would not make any vegetarians happy.

You’d think that a ball game of any kind would be ok, right?  Nope!  Believe it or not, we have people in the USA who don’t like sports.  Really?  Yes, really, and that right there should be against the law!  Wow!

A pet, like a dog or cat?  No, No, we have boat loads of animal haters.  Ah!  But a puppy!  Surely, everyone likes puppies!  I am sorry to disappoint you, but I know of a few that would make your puppy into a fur coat like old what’s her face on 101 Dalmatians.

Then I thought, how about beautiful weather, clear skies, and 77 degrees.  Nope! That won’t work either.  A bunch of farmers would be griping about a lack of rain.

Oh! If only we could all live together in perfect harmony!  Come on people!  Even if we did some, lefty would yell something was wrong.

How about POTUS Trump firing FBI Director Comey?  Well, if POTUS Obama had done so back in July or October of 2016, it would have been super fantastic.  But now, WOW!  Half the country is calling it a cover up.  I wonder if President Trump were to sit back and allow Kim Jon dumb dumb the III to launch a nuke into Japan or Okinawa, where I have a son on duty, would everyone in the country get mad or just a few?  It looks like film producer Michael Moore would like it.  I, for one, would be fuming mad.  Oh, but if Trump gets information of a pending launch and strikes first to prevent the loss of American life, half the country will be mad at him for that.

If Trump came up with a cure for all cancers, the very next day the main street media would say that President Trump was putting doctors out of business.  I am sure that there were a few things that President Obama did back in his terms of office that many considered good things and just as many hated those actions.  However, I have never seen nor heard of such a complete and utter divisive time in our history!  Simply because the man is a Republican and won the election is zero reason to make a fuss about every decision.

I remember well when US Representative Joe Wilson of the 2nd Congressional District of South Carolina yelled out “You lie!” at President Obama during a speech in 2009.  I didn’t like that!  No President should ever be subjected to that type of ridicule.  The OFFICE itself demands respect.  And the awesome responsibilities that rest on the shoulders of whoever is given the title of President of the United States deserves respect.  You may disagree with that person and millions do everyday. However, when they are speaking, hold your tongue.  I might add that Congressman Wilson yelled out “You lie!” in response to then President Obama’s assertion that undocumented aliens would not be covered under the Affordable Health Care Act. Well, yeah, technically he did lie, but you still don’t say that to the President of the United States when he is addressing a joint session of Congress.  Though he was right, Wilson did later apologize for his outburst.

I guess I just remember a time, and I really ain’t that old, that people had respect for their parents, teachers, authorities, POTUS, elders, and other people’s rights. Desecrating the U.S. Flag would get you hurt as would sitting during the National Anthem.  Not honoring Jesus was severely frowned upon and walking around showing your underwear would land you in jail for a couple of nights.  Well, truth be known, no one 25 years ago or before even thought of walking around with their drawers showing.  I mean really kids, come on, if you all need to make a statement find a new device than one that is so disgusting.

The bottom line is we have become a nation of self-centered, disgruntled, ignorant, ungodly, hypocritical troglodytes. The moral compass of America has skewed off the GLOBE and we, as a people, are falling through a vast vacuum in space.  We get mad at POTUS Trump for talking to the Russians and the Chinese, while he is trying to increase trade and create jobs and keep the peace with our huge trading partners.  BUT, when President Obama cuddled the “Muslim Brotherhood” and paid off Iran in billions, you could hear crickets.

I am not going to end this with an “Obama bashing.”  No, I am not going to do it! POTUS Obama, in my humble opinion was right.  The time to end the over-fifty-year boycott of Cuba was at hand, and we should be pushing for better relations with our island neighbor, so KUDOS to Obama.  Trump would like to rebuild our economy and create millions of new good paying jobs that will help get people off of government subsidies and put them back to work and make America great again.   KUDOS to Trump!

It is all about attitude!   We can do it, but do we have the WILL to do it?!?

As always, I welcome your comments.

By Joe Joe Wright