GHSA may survive yet

Published 9:50 am Wednesday, June 21, 2017

By Joe Joe Wright

So what does the future look like. Well I got out my crystal ball and said to Ms. Coach, I said hey what them Cougars going to do this fall? Well her being a shitzu dog she just looked at me and then I remembered you have to ask her yes or no questions. So I said Ms. Coach will the Cougars win the region? She looked in the crystal ball and her tail wagged up and down, which means yes. So then I said to Ms. Coach will I get to call any plays this year and she looked in her crystal ball and her tail went wagging left to right, which means no ! As you can imagine I was feeling disappointed by this response. So my next questions was a little more personal. I said Ms. Coach will I win a Pulitzer prize this year. Well low and behold she started fidgeting and rubbing her eyes with her paws she looked very confused. She looked into the crystal and suddenly her tail started wagging in a circle, I knew right away that meant for me to repeat the question. She was being funny and I was not amused, hurt my feelings she did. That is why dogs should be seen and not heard ! What does she know anyway?

So I decided to go back to football she does better on that and I said, Ms. Coach will anyone in Georgia get punished for cheating this year in football by recruiting players. Ms. Coach looked straight into the crystal ball and her tail started gyrating up and down like a dolphin flying through the water. Yes!!!. With the election of a new Executive Director by the name of Dr. Robin Hines, cheaters will surely be punished. Elected by a 64-0 vote of the exexcutive committee Hines will also have a new rule which should help in the curtailing of the rampant cheating that has been going up in North Georgia. Basically the new rule known as the 50% rule says this. If a student makes a bona fide move from one high school to another they will sit the first 50% of their games. In football that will be 5 games, I will cover the rest of this in another article. There is however, a provision that says if the transferring students “sending school” signs off on the transfer the student may begin playing immediately. That would require a signature of the Principle and Athletic Director. Anyway with new rules in place and a new director there is a chance GHSA may survive another year or two, anyway Ms. Coach says the Cougars are going to roll!!!!mrs coach