Cougar Predictions 2017

Published 1:41 pm Wednesday, July 12, 2017

By Joe Joe Wright

Sometimes when I read polls on football.  I get the feeling that people making predictions have their cheese not quite on the cracker, or they are four cards short of a full deck. Either way they hardly ever get it right take for instance the AAA division for the 2017 football season. Now granted I believe in the old adage to be the man you got to beat the man. So for GPB that is Georgia Public Broadcasting to put Cedar Grove at #1 is ok, for now. That is however, where will rearrange the entire script they have put up! For whatever uneducated reason they stuck Crisp County at 9th in the preseason poll and put Pierce County at 8th. Yall remember Pierce County the #1 offense in Georgia last year. They came to Cordele after the Lovett game and got obliterated by Crisp 56 to 21. I t appears that they don’t do much research in their predicting, especially south of Macon. They just throw out pure conjecture. Below is how I see the year starting out. My predictions actually have some research in it.

Cedar Grove ( they have an awesome receiver coming back and they recruit)

Calhoun ( they are 2nd in the state to Buford in recruiting and a solid team)

Crisp County ( just absolutely loaded, coach can’t say that but I can)

Peach County ( they will live up to their label)

Greater Atlanta Christian ( well they recruit legally all over the state)

Westminster ( heavy recruiters as well but Crisp owns them in the series)

Lovett ( always a tough team, lots and lots of money to buy things)

Liberty County ( descent team)

Monroe  of Albany( just picked up some athletes from Albany High was descent anyway)

Oh you can put about 10 different ones right here let’s start with Jenkins ( weak region). Worth County (athletes they have)Pierce County ( coach left going to hurt them) Savannah ( has slipped some)

So what does all that mean? don’t mean much just predictions. So what about the Cougars in 2017. Let’s go game by game

Pre season against Veterans ( away) ( could be a blow out)

Dooly (away) ( a good team but out matched player for player)

Americus-Sumter (away) ( will be improved and big rivalry, but Crisp by 17)

Turner (home) ( blowout 56-7)

Rutland (home) ( blowout 66-6)

Spencer (home) ( beat down 48-10)

Brooks (away) ( always a good team ain’t scared of no one. Not as good this year but playing there Crisp 37- Brooks 24)

Monroe (away) ( much improved but Cougars 44- 17)

Cook County (away) ( good program and playing in Adel but Crisp owns them 48-0.)

Dougherty (home) ( senior night distractions but Cougars cruise 55-14)

Worth (home) ( for the region championship, Worth a descent team but Cougars will roll late 47-14)

Playoff #1 Cougars win

Playoff # 2 Cougars win

Playoff # 3 Cougars win

Playoff # 4 Cougars over Cedar Grove

Playoff # 5 Cougars vs. Peach County (state championship) of course Cougars win!