Well let’s rate the Best NFL and College Football Teams of all time

Published 9:44 am Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The other day I went and decided to rank the all time best Cougar Football teams. That got me to thinking about all the other sports and college and pros. So I think I will take a stab at ranking all of it. Let’s get started with  college football and then move onto the pros. Then we will try some other sports. For the sake of the size of this article I will do top 5 only.

1971 Nebraska ( wins over Alabama, Oklahoma and Colorado; huge wins)

1992 Alabama ( huge wins including the first ever SEC Championship win )

1993 Florida State ( to many ranked teams to beat that year)

1995 Nebraska ( the way they manhandled Florida in the Fiesta Bowl)

1974 Oklahoma ( Probation kept them from being best all time AP Champs)

1996 Florida Gators ( They embarrassed some really good teams that year and slipped up to Florida St. in Tallahassee 24-21..The rematch with Seminoles in Sugar Bowl was a blowout)

2005 Texas ( Probably the best National Championship game ever)

1991 Washington ( they dominated all year)

2001 Miami ( they beat everyone and lead almost all categories)

2014 Ohio State ( they slipped early to Virginia Tech but the playoff era inaugural  champs dominated afterwards against great talent)Honorable mentions…1945 Army, 1959 Ole Miss, 2008 Florida.. several Alabama and Miami teams, 2010 Auburn.

Next up pro football teams. The way I see it number 1 is a lock  and no other is close.

1972 Miami Dolphins ( the only perfect team in history 17-0. Czonka, Griese, Kick, Morris, Scott and Warfield. Don Shula’s best team! There are many so called pro analyst that say no to this team but yet the record belongs to them.)

1985 Chicago Bears ( they made football fun to watch a lone loss to Miami in the Orange bowl late in the season cost them a perfect year, then they blew out New England in Super Bowl, they were there to do the “shuffle”.)

1962 Green Bay Packers ( a dominate dominate team in a weaker era.)

1992 Dallas Cowboys ( the most complete team during the dynasty of the 90’s)

1978 Pittsburgh Steelers ( arguable the best Superbowl win against Dallas)

2016 New England Patriots ( with starting QB sitting first four games the Patriots ran to the Superbowl. Fell behind by 25 points against Atlanta but greatest comeback ever in a Superbowl.

1984 SF 49ers ( A Joe Montana juggernaut of a team 15-1 really should be ranked higher)

1976 Oakland Raiders ( they destroyed the Steelers in AFC championship then whitewashed the Minnesota Vikings in Super Bowl)

1986 Giants ( they punished really good teams, ask Joe Montana and John Elway)

2007 NE Patriots ( only a lucky team like the Giants could stop what would have been best team ever 16-0 and lost the Super Bowl.) Honorable mentions-1991 Redskins, 1966 Packers, 1998 Broncos, 1999 Rams..