Coaches get a belly full

Published 8:20 am Monday, July 31, 2017

Of Food that Is….at the 3rd Annual Bobby Davis Coaches Appreciation Dinner

By Joe Joe Wright

On Tuesday night the Cordele Lions Club held their annual Bobby Davis coaches appreciation dinner at the Lions Club Fairgrounds. All of the coaches from Crisp County School System and from Crisp Academy were served a delicious supper of country fried steak, mashed potatoes, string beans and more. The purpose of the annual dinner is as Lion Billy Hancock said, “to thank you men and women for the wonderful job you do with the youth of our community.” “Kids are our future and it is you all that play such a vital role in helping to structure where they go and what they become.” Lion President David Edwards said, “ we just want to say thank you for all you do.” Lion Mike Browning gave the invocation and the meal was served.

After everyone had eaten former Crisp County Cougar Football Head Coach and Athletic Director Ferrell Henry served as guest speaker. Coach Henry reminisced a bit about the different eras of football. “I remember leather helmets,” said Henry. This of course gathered some laughter from the crowd and a few snide remarks concerning age. Henry went on to tell of the transition of sports not just football and how it has become bigger, faster, stronger and safer in his lifetime. Henry gave the example of him playing guard at Florida State University from 1959 to 1963 and weighing in at whooping 190lbs, which was average back in them days. Coach went on to talk about the speed of the games and the evolution of the rules. For instance Henry said, “ when I played basketball in high school you were not allowed to dunk the ball and there was no such thing as a three point shot.” “ In football there were no rules protecting quarterbacks and leading with the helmet was expected.”

Henry went onto explain that all these new safety rules are a good thing, because protecting our athletes in all sports is of paramount importance. Coach briefly hit on the subject of proper hydration of players and admitted that back in the day that wasn’t as big a concern as it is today. In closing Henry thanked all the coaches for all they do for the youth and all the spouses of coaches for their support of coaches it is a difficult task as well. “I love sports and I look forward to seeing all of you out there,” Henry closed.

Also Lion Hancock gave a speech of remembrance for a great Lion that had recently passed. Hancock spoke eloquently about long time coach and Lion club member Bub Denham.  Denham coached football and basketball here in Crisp County in the late 60’s and early 70’s before entering private industry. Coach Denham’s last year of coaching ended with a 22-4 record and a trip to the playoffs with former NBA star Wayne “Tree” Rollins. Hancock spoke about Denham’s great coaching his life growing up in Turner County his military service with Elvis Presley and love of the great out doors. Gone but not forgotten Coach Denham!!! Lion Dravian McGill thanked everyone for coming and introduced Lion Curtis Lucas who gave the benediction.