It happens every Fall

Published 9:05 am Wednesday, August 2, 2017

By Joe Joe Wright

My remote control starts jumping and clicking on and off all by itself. I can be watching the old Hee Haw reruns and suddenly the channel jumps to the SEC Network or ESPN. It is really bizarre my head almost starts hurting as so many football plays go running through my head. I am going to sneak one into the “Cougar” playbook. I would have last year but Shelton kept pushing me back. Of course I am kidding!!!

Now the other night I was watching the News as all old men do, just me and Ms. Coach. As is standard operating procedure I fell asleep in my recliner. I began dreaming and the next thing I knew it was 35 years ago and we were playing somebody in football here in Cordele. They were wearing I think some green uniforms and I don’t remember who it was, but I broke one down the sideline. First of all I was playing quarterback and I was me but I was 6’3”. I took the ball and rounded the corner ran over two linebackers and just stiff armed the devil at of another dude  and I was off and running I think 77 yards for a touchdown. Suddenly I woke up and I was sweating and Ms. Coach was no longer beside me but rather on the other side the room on top of the couch looking at me rather puzzled. Whew!!! What a dream. The reality is I am 5’7” and I wasn’t that fast but I do love dreaming. Football season has arrived and I am super excited and ready for it to begin. Tonight I am going to take out the old crystal ball and shine it up so Ms. Coach can see it good. For those of you that don’t like football or are indifferent to the game I am going to pray for you it is truly an awesome time of the year. This area truly is going to see some good football. Now if I can just get one of them coaches to let me call some plays, HMMMMMMM!!!!!!!