Kiwanis hears from New Cougar Coach

Published 8:23 am Monday, August 21, 2017

By Joe Joe Wright

Cougar Head Coach Brad Harber spoke with the Kiwanis Club this past Thursday. He brought with him his Offensive Coordinator Jim Avera and Defensive Coordinator Don Vandy-Griff. Both Coaches spoke briefly about the team and what we can expect this fall.  Avera said, “ we are going to throw a lot, except when we running,” which drew a good laugh. Defensive Coordinator Don Vandy-Griff said, after giving a brief history about himself that the guys were beginning to understand some of the new concepts and trust in what he was telling them to do.  Coach Harber discussed his history briefly telling everyone about being raised as the son of an Air Force Officer and how he went to 6 different schools and 2 different high schools. “I was the best QB to ever come out of Illinois ,” Harber said. As a Freshman  QB in Illinois I thought I was pretty good, then dad got transferred to Texas.” “ In Texas I learned to play tight end,” which drew a good laugh as well because as everyone knows high school football is everything in Texas.

Coach Harber answered some  questions from the crowd and then said “ I just want to be clear about one thing , I  have always said if I got to be Head Coach at the right place I was going to be there till the end, I am home” “ I ain’t planning on going anywhere,” Harber added.