Things I am thankful for……

Published 9:18 am Wednesday, August 30, 2017

By Joe Joe Wright


As the old saying goes, “all good things must come to an end.”

Serving, as your Sports Editor has been more enjoyable than anything else I’ve ever done. What a blast! I love it.

Although I am not really a sports editor, Harvey Simpson was a sports editor. I am a columnist in the truest sense. Opinionated and sometimes rather gruff in my approach to certain topics are two ways that have been used to describe myself.

One thing I pride myself on is no one has ever called me a liar. I have strived to tell it just like it is and never sugar coat it.

I know, however, the position I have been in sometimes calls for a temperate disposition. It requires you to be level headed and honest in all that you do or say. And for that, I have held true and owe no apologies in that regard.

Covering sports for my community and my home has been an awesome experience and one I will always treasure.

I have accepted a position working with Crisp County Recreation Department. A job working with kids, something I have loved doing all of my life.

I am very excited to begin this new chapter in life and I look forward to helping everyone I can at the Rec department. I will continue writing for the Dispatch, covering the Friday night games at least until such time as they find someone new.

One thing I have learned in my post here at the Dispatch is that we have a diversity of different opinions and beliefs in Crisp County. Some I don’t necessarily agree with, but I firmly believe that is what makes America great.

Cordele is a fantastic community and I could have left 35 years ago and went out into the world and made my fortune as the saying goes. I didn’t instead I chose to stay and make this my home and I wouldn’t change that for the world. The people here are my family and this is where I belong!

A couple years ago I learned a valuable lesson in life, it is called humility. I really never thought I ever would, but thank God I did.

As I prepare to leave I would ask that everyone remember this little tid bit of advice because it has served me well.

“Never let others dictate who your friends should be. Defend the weak and uphold the righteous. Allow truth and honor to be your shield. There is good in everyone and you ain’t always right!”

I know that last one is really tough to believe. I often think back to my favorite movie of all time “ It’s a Wonderful Life “ starring Jimmy Stewart. From the movie comes my favorite saying.

The angel Clarence wrote in the book “Tom Sawyer” a verse to George Bailey and it said, “ Remember no one is a failure who has friends.”

There has never been a better saying ever. I feel as though I have been a huge success based on that criteria. I will see you around the ball parks, after all I ain’t moving.

I use to tell my daughter, I don’t like to say good bye so I will just say “Au revoir.”