Crisp County Power Update

Published 10:07 am Wednesday, September 13, 2017

CORDELE — 300-400 Crisp County residents are still without power following Hurricane Irma passing through Georgia. According to Crisp County Power Commission Manager Steve Renfroe most of the remaining people without power are isolated incidents involving a line down serving a few customers or a broken service pole.

The area of 27th and 28th avenue near South 5th Street is the largest group of customers without power. A total of 25 people are without power because of a downed tree.

To help with the situation, all Crisp County crews have been aided by four crews from Marietta and Calhoun.

The crews arrived later than anticipated as it took them a total of eight hours to drive what would normally be a two-hour and fourty minute drive from Marietta and a three hour and fourty-five minute drive from Calhoun.

Renfroe estimates that there are still around 40 service poles still broken. Each pole can take anywhere from two to four hours to set and replace.


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