Crisp County Schools take pledge and celebrate Red Ribbon Week

Published 8:45 am Monday, October 30, 2017

By Erica O’Neal

Staff Writer

CORDELE – “I pledge allegiance to myself and who I want to be,” is the beginning to the Drug Free Pledge for Red Ribbon Week. Members of the Crisp County Fire Department, Police force and Sheriff’s Department encouraged kids to stay drug free during an opening seminar at Crisp County Primary School.

Principle Kinney Coleman thinks Red Ribbon Week is a wonderful thing.

“It really teaches our kids what true heroes are about. Those that are drug free, making good choices and in our Red Ribbon kickoff today they got a chance to see a lot of the first responders and the true heroes in our community. So I think that means a lot to them,” Coleman said.

Three guest speakers from law enforcement spoke: Sheriff Billy Hancock, Captain Antonio Fletcher and Patrolman Jimmy Banks.

Sheriff Hancock talked to the children about the importance of staying drug free and how law enforcement works hard to keep them safe.

“I think Red Ribbon is a very important week we have in our country and in our community. It allows us as law enforcement and public safety to go into our community and teach the younger generation on how dangerous drugs really are and how it affects their life,” Hancock said.

Some of the officers in the Sheriff’s Department dressed up for Red Day and Hero Day events that occurred on Monday and Thursday.