Crisp County Primary School ranks 2nd in state for 2018 U.S. Matific Math Games

Published 9:17 am Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Article submitted by Angela Smith

Crisp County Primary School

Crisp County Primary students recently participated in the 2018 US Matific Math Games Competition.

Crisp County Primary School finished as the second highest ranking school in Georgia and 23 rd in the US. Four classes made it to the top 25 leader boards:

Mrs. Kaye Davis, kindergarten, #11

Ms. Lindsey Smith, kindergarten, #14

Mrs. Wendy Dorsey, 2 nd grade, #20

Mrs. Stephanie Smith, 3 rd grade, #11

One class made it into the top 10:

Mrs. Marian Peavy, #8

Three students made their way to top of the leaderboards for their grade level.

Jude Rhodes 1 st place overall Kindergarten (Parents Shane and Jenna Rhodes)