Families and teachers get creative at Crisp County Primary

Published 2:14 pm Monday, April 9, 2018

By Erica O’Neal, Managing Editor

CORDELE– On Friday, April 6 Crisp Family Connection partnered with the Crisp Area Arts Alliance and Crisp County Primary School to host a parent engagement event. The kindergarten classes were read ‘Wemberly Worried’ by their teachers in the classroom, and then gathered together with parents, teachers and volunteers in the lunchroom for a craft project based on the book. Some of the volunteers came from Delta Kappa Gamma, which is an organization for teachers along with volunteers from local churches.

Crisp County Community Council Executive Director, Sherry Evans talked about the importance of hosting an event like this.

“Right now our third grade reading scores are not as high as we want them to be. Overall in Georgia, they’re not as high. So this is a Crisp County effort within the Georgia Reading campaign for improving third grade-level reading scores. So we start young, so when they get there, they’re prepared and that language nutrition curriculum is what it’s all about,” Evans said.

This is the second year Crisp Family Connection has put this together, and this was the largest group of students they’ve worked with at once so far. Last year Crisp Family Connection worked with Pre-K classes.

After the program, students were given their own copies of the book to take home with them.

“They love it, and the family engagement is the key point, it’s to give the parents an exercise and model what they can do with the books they have at their homes. Read to them, brain development and just improve that bond,” Evans said.