CA Wildcats beat Covenant in 40-0 shutout

Published 1:13 am Saturday, September 8, 2018

By Lauren Lee 

Cordele Dispatch Intern 

CORDELE- After their first loss of the season last week against SGA, Crisp Academy redeemed themselves at their second home game by beating Covenant Academy in a shutout. On Friday night CA ended the night with 40 points on the board.

Covenant kicked off to CA to the 37 yard-line at the start of the game, but three plays and a flag later, CA found themselves at fourth and 17 to go. A 27-yard run from Dede Lawrence put CA back at first down. Soon enough, the team was at the 40-yard line and a pass from quarterback Griffin Gravitt to Baylor Pless gained them 22 yards. On the next play, Lawrence ran the ball, but a misstep caused a fumble. Quickly, Lawrence regained possession of the ball and ran it to the five-yard line. With 8:24 left in the first quarter, Dylan Farmer earned a touchdown followed by a successful two point conversion by Gravitt to put Crisp up 8-0 early.

The next return left the ball at the 39-yard line. After a short drive with the ball in possession of Covenant, Farmer intercepted a pass at the 40-yard line. Some penalties pushed CA back to the 30-yard line, but they would not let that stop them. On third and 22 to go, Griffin Gravitt passed the ball to Garrett Gravitt for 16 yards. A fumble recovery by Luis Martinez led to a first down and a few short plays later, Griffin Gravitt passed the ball to Pless to gain 29 yards, landing Crisp at the 15 yard-line. After a small pushback, Griffin Gravitt threw again to Pless for a touchdown with 20 seconds left in the quarter. With a successful two-point conversion by Farmer, CA led 16-0.

The quarter ended with Covenant in possession of the ball at the 46-yard line. Covenant kept possession of the ball for a little over two minutes after being pushed back 35 yards by CA. On the fourth down, Covenant punted to CA. Farmer caught the ball and gained 21 yards, landing on the 39-yard line. Another run, this time by Griffin Gravitt earned CA 15 yards, but a fumble recovery by Covenant switched the possession of the ball.

Covenant’s possession was short lived as the ball went back to CA after a short drive. Two penalties on Covenant etched CA closer to the goal line and in two plays, a pass from Griffin Gravitt to Farmer earned another touchdown. With a successful conversion by Pless, CA led 24-0.

The possession switched back and forth until a knocked down pass by Griffin Gravitt led to an interception by Farmer a few plays later. The interception marked the end of the first half.

In the third quarter, CA kicked off to Covenant to the 49-yard line. A few minutes later, an interception by Lawrence switched possession back to CA. Then after a few plays, Griffin Gravitt threw a 25 yard pass to Trey Williams for a first down at the 15-yard line. The next touchdown came with 5:52 left in the quarter and was scored by Farmer. Griffin Gravitt then pulled off another successful conversion that gave Crisp a 32-0 lead.

After being pushed back to 22 yards to go in their next possession, Covenant suffered another interception by Pless which led to a 50-yard touchdown that was recalled because of a penalty. With 1:37 left in the third quarter, Farmer knocked down a pass on a Covenant fourth down play causing a turnover on downs.

The third quarter ended with two consecutive passes from Griffin Gravitt to Williams for 54 yards in total.

Farmer then earned another touchdown followed by a conversion from Griffin Gravitt to put the final score at 40-0. The Wildcats ran out the clock from here to finish the game.

Crisp Academy improved their record to 2-1 so far this season. CA plays an away game next week against Thomas Jefferson Academy.

Wildcat Head Coach, Price Jones, gives CA quarterback, Griffin Gravitt, wise advice for the next play.