UPDATE: Crisp County Power reports on power, plans

Published 10:15 am Monday, October 15, 2018


Further progress has been made today in the Power Commission’s restoration efforts and more should be accomplished [Monday].  We spent effort [Sunday] morning staging  poles and material near the lake for the Power Secure crews so they would have resources to work with .  They arrived (seven trucks and 22 men) and began work on Pine Road and Scenic Route south of Ferry Landing road about noon but progress will be slow.  They have repaired Pine Rd and framed the first 11 spans on Scenic Route and are now replacing the wire in that section  They will be concentrating on getting the main line up down to N Cedar Creek.  Then we can begin restoring power to individual homes.

We also have Highway 280 mostly clear to the lake and a crew working on  Cannon road going north towards the entrance to South Valhalla.  We hope to energize most of Hwy 280 sometime before we quit today which will restore power to the State Park and Valhalla North and South.

We also late this afternoon got Raines substation energized so as we work out from the substation we can restore power.  We have a Power Secure transmission crew working on the twelve 65 foot poles broken on Highway 300.  There is also 12kv under build on those poles that needs to be repaired so we can deliver power from Raines Substation to the lake area.

The Warwick substation in Warwick has just been re-energized and has restored power to the plant.  We should shortly be able to close the floodgate and begin generating.

We also restored power to another circuit in Southeast substation serving that part of the city and picked up the High School and the motel just south of it and Sunnybrook subdivision on Highway 90.

We have begun work on restoration in Arabi and have the city well there working again.

Crews have also continued to work in the areas they were working in yesterday getting up the major taps that were by-passed.  There will still be customers off in those areas.