Published 11:18 am Tuesday, October 16, 2018


Updated October 15, 2018, 7:00pm

We continue to work in all areas of the county since we still have major lines down and customers out in all areas.

Today we have restored power to Hatley and plan to have areas North and South of Hatley largely restored by end of day.

We have energized the final circuit out of Southeast Sub which had many trees and broken poles.

We plan to restore power to Rock House Road from Highway 41 to I-75 by end of day.

We also continue to work on the north end of the county in the Tremont Road area and have restored power to a number of customers in that area.

We have been working today to restore power to customers in Arabi and should have the majority of power there restored by end of day.

The crew working on Highway 300 should have almost half of the 12 transmission poles (and 12 kV under build lines) replaced by end of day. This distribution line under build is necessary to get power from Raines substation to Coney Rd going north and south. We still have another day or two of work to finish the repairs necessary to accomplish that.

In the meantime crews have repaired the lines on Pine Road and Ferry Landing Road which will shortly enable us to energize Coney Road South of Highway 280 down to South Cedar Creek Road. This should also restore power to South Cedar Creek Road, Cedar Point and portions of Ray Road. This will also enable us to energize Scenic Route beginning at the north end when the crews have made the necessary repairs to the main lines on Scenic Route. We are currently assessing whether we will be able to energize the first portion of Scenic Route near Ferry Landing Road before end of day. If not late today it will be early tomorrow.

Coney Road has also been energized North of Highway 280 to Drayton Road and power has been restored to the end of Drayton Road including the Smoke House area and Campers Haven.

We have power restored to the generating plant and they are now able to generate power. We had to open a floodgate to pass water coming down the river since the event began.

We continue to get many calls from frustrated customers with questions on why their neighbors have power and they do not. This is very understandable. It may be due to the way in which the circuits feed, one side of a street may feed from one line while the opposite side feeds from another line. If one transformer or service is damaged then those customers will be out even though next door neighbors are energized. In many cases as we have concentrated on getting main lines and large blocks of customers on we have bypassed small taps or individual customers with problems so that we can continue making major restorations. We want to assure everyone we will come back and restore all customers but it will take time.

We appreciate our customers patience and regret the inconvenience to everyone but we will continue working until all power is restored.