Lest we forget

Published 3:01 pm Friday, January 24, 2020

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By Joe Joe Wright      

The year 2019 is now the most exciting year in Cougar Football history. Starting way back in 1980 when Crisp County got its first taste of championship football. Then moving on to 1995 and again another shot. Jump all the way to 2016 and the 13-0 run and now playing for a State Championship in Atlanta and losing a hard fought battle to our new nemesis Cedar Grove, the recruitment gurus. One thing about Cougar football it is and has always been, home grown. About 24,000 people in the county and we draw our teams from that population. Cedar Grove which sits in Ellenwood, Ga.  Doesn’t really have a county as it sits in Dekalb, Clayton, Henry and Rockdale counties. Do you know how many people that is, let’s just say a million. Do they recruit from the area? You betcha they do just like a few teams from South Georgia I could name but that’s another story.

Coach Harber has done a magnificent job of putting together a fine coaching staff and player development is moving along well. We have several team leaders and our senior leadership this year was phenomenal. The Cougars look to return a lot of starters this fall and the chances of advancing to another state championship are very favorable. I don’t want to jinx us so I will just leave that right there.

To the boys from this year’s team, Thank You for the effort. Thank You for the entertainment value you gave us. Thank you for the selfless manner in which you represented our county. You are all and always will be ‘SONS OF CRISP’ a tag that will follow you all of your days, be proud of it. Good things happen when you take a group of boys willing to accept discipline and hard work and then you watch as they grow into young men. When you speak to these kids they say yes sir, no sir yes ma’am , no ma’am just as all good Georgians are raised to do. So just in case you guys don’t think we are not watching and paying attention, we are and THANK YOU!!!!

Attitudes are a reflection of your soul. It tells people if you are good or bad and you guys rock! All of Crisp County can’t wait till football season gets started again.  Watching you guys play this year reminds me of the movie “Facing the Giants” as you must face some programs that may, hmmm, bend the rules occasionally. Keep your heads up and hearts in the right place. Listen and learn and you guys will go far. Crisp County is proud of you, win or lose lets keep it that way!