Suspected Tornado takes down Multiple Powerlines

Published 10:51 am Friday, April 14, 2023

In the earlier afternoon of April 13, 2023 a severe weather warning  and tornado warning had gone out for Southwestern Pulaski County, Western Wilcox County , Eastern Dooly County, and Crisp County.

Power was out in many areas for a while, with trees and powerlines reported down on Highway 41, Highway 90, U.S 280 and side roads such as Old Hatley. It has not yet been confirmed by National Weather Service that it was indeed a tornado that went over.

Crisp County Sheriffs Department has put out a Traffic Alert Road Closed Local Traffic Only. A portion of HWY 90 S is Closed as Crisp County Power Commission crews are in the area repairing damages caused by the storm to restore power. Georgia DOT Southeast is requesting local traffic only. Please pay attention to signs and barricades in the area.