Local Real Estate Agent Trisha Slater make top 10 Female Real Estate Agents in Georgia

Published 11:36 am Thursday, July 6, 2023

Trisha Slater, the Owner of Southern Luxury Group Realty in Georgia, has built a brokerage committed to ethical practices and giving back to the community. Since 2014, Trisha has founded a company that puts people over profits and always does the right thing.

Southern Luxury Group Realty’s dedication to its values has propelled it to success. In 17 months, the brokerage has grown from one agent to a team of over 20 who all prioritize doing the right thing. The achievement earned the prestigious Medium Business of the Year award from the Cordele-Crisp Chamber of Commerce in 2022, recognizing outstanding service to the local community.

Moreover, the company’s prioritization of people over profits distinguishes it from others in the industry. Doing the right thing is the guiding principle of the brokerage—an ethos that has earned its clients’ trust and respect.

The brokerage’s unwavering dedication to ethical practices and community service set it apart in a competitive industry full of profit-oriented companies. Southern Luxury Group Realty continues to positively impact lives, foster a giving spirit and set a high standard for ethical conduct.

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